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Tweaks Shane's 14 heart event, giving you the option to actually have a reasonable conversation with him in Part II and slightly changing the resulting Part III's "intervention" scene.

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Did you marry Shane, only to find yourself playing through an icky fourteen heart event that gave you no agency and made your character look entirely distrustful of their own spouse? Yeah, me too. But I still liked parts of that scene, so I decided to make a few of my own changes.

The first event is unchanged, but the second gives you the option to just outright say you trust him and ask what he was actually doing. Picking this option slightly changes the third event.

Ultimately these changes are small dialogue adjustments, but I hope they give a better impression of the two of you being on the same team.

(For anyone curious, the alt outfits in the screenshots come from Seasonal Villager Outfits for ContentPatcher. Not required at all for the mod, just wanted to give them a shoutout.)