Stardew Valley

About this mod

JA shirt mod that adds over 100 shirts to the game.

Permissions and credits

A mod that adds over 100 shirts to the game (a full list below, previews in the images tab).

Requires JSON Assets to work & CJB Item Spawner or Get Glam to get the shirts in game.
Tailor Mouse compatibility file now available under the optional files.
(Please let me know if it works!)

Simply extract the contents of the zip in the 'Mods' folder.

If the file doesn't open with windows explorer, try using a dedicated program (like 7-zip) to open it instead.

I do requests . If you'd like to see a new shirt leave a comment or you can more easily contact me on my tumblr @laylaisthename.

This mod contains:

Converted from CP to JA mod

Replaces the shirts instead of adding them
Changed/Updated a few older shirts, and removed a few too

Halloween: Pumpkin, Purple with green stripes
Easter: Chick, Decorated Egg, White bunny, Brown bunny
Christmas/Hannuka: Green/Red sweater, Red/Green sweater, Reindeer, Menorah
Fairy: Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter, Purple/Green, Green/White
LOZ: Prince Sidon insp. shirt
Misc: Bi-flag, Blue shirt, Blue shirt with a feathery-tail

Adventure Time: Marcelline shirts (Red stripes, v-neck grey, cat)
Marvel: Captain Marvel armor
Destiny: Ace of Spades
Pastel stripes: green/yellow/pink, purple/blue, pink/blue (trans rights baby!)
Misc: Beige deep-cut

Dragon Age: Grey Warden armor

Base Game recolors: Brown vest, Pink collared shirt, Green pullover
RWBY: Ruby Rose alt outfit (with and without cape)
Fable III: Logan's chestplate (no sash, sash and cape version)

v3.5 added shirts: 
More jackets: 'Melon' and 'Eggplant' colored, Soft Pink/Green/Blue, Red scarfed (white with black and grey on black)
T-shirts: "I'm with" arrow (left and right), Bee shirt
FE:Awakening: Lucina outfit
LOZ: Link's BOTW tunic

v3 added shirts:
Overwatch (themed) shirts: Soldier 76 jacket - blue sleeves
Plaid Shirts: Green-white
Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth suit, Phoenix Wright suit,  Apollo Justice waistcoat,  Klavier Gavin jacket, Emma Skye outfit
Thor: Thor's Galdiator outfit
Various jackets and shirts: Army green patched bomber

Destiny: Class bomber jackets (Titan, Hunter, Warlock), Ikora Rey outifit (Alt. and regular colors), Gensym Knight shirt, Raiden flux shirt

v1/2 added shirts
Overwatch (themed) shirts: Soldier 76 jacket, D.Va jacket, D.Va suit, McCree outfit and a Pharah jacket (Eye of Horus, Stripes and Bomber version)
Voltron shirts: Hunk, Keith, Lance and Allura
FE:Awakening: Robin robes (v.A and v.B)
Dream Daddy: Mat, Robert, Amanda, Joseph, Hugo, Craig and Mary's sweater (with and without 'cross')
Magicarp Jump: Magicarp Hoodie (Normal, Skelly, Pink and Shiny), Pikachu shirt, Magicarp Trainer vest (with and without bag)
Tie-dye shirts: purple-pink, yellow-green, red-yellow and rainbow
IPRE/TAZ robes: Red robes (open with logo and closed w/o)
Various jackets and shirts: Grey with yellow, Blue striped (greed/red shirt), Black with white, white tee, brown-grey vest, blue with yellow strip shirt
Plaid shirts:
yellow-grey with purple shirt, red-black with white shirt, blue-grey with brown shirt, yellow-brown with red shirt
Mass Effect shirts: N7 - red stripe, N7 - red/white stripes and Pathfinder version