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Better Fish Ponds is a content patcher mod that makes the fish pond buildings more useful for late game progress, such as removing the population quests, and making roe and fish items more common and appear in higher quantities

Permissions and credits
(DEPRECATED) As I haven't played SDV is a long time I am not actively updating this mod, any bugs or suggestions wont be fixed or added unless I come back to this mod at some later point

This mod edits the fishponddata.json file so that fish will produce more roe the higher the population, all fish start with 10 slots due to the removal of all population quests. Most fish have had the percent chance and drop rates for their secondary outputs increased so that you get more resources from fish ponds, and they have more worth in the mid to late game.

Use my other mod Legendary Fish Pond Framework if you want to be able to put legendary fish into the fish ponds

Version 1.2 allows you to put legendary fish into the fish pond, to do so you need to install This mod ^^^. The mod still function without having to install Legendary Fish Pond Framework, you just wont be able to put the legendary fish into the ponds

Version 2.0
-Attempt to create a craftable machine that can be placed inside buildings or around the farm that acts as a fish pond (Potentially willy gives you the blueprint when you reach 10 hearts with him). This would be more of a late game item to save space around the farm, and let you decorate to your heart's content without pesky fish ponds getting in the way :P

Manual InstallCompatibility
´╗┐Mostly incompatible with other mods that affect the fishponddata.json file. By loading this mod before other mods that change the fishponddata.json file everything should work fine, but use together at your own risk