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Shane hates working at JojaMart, so why does he wear their jacket all the time? If you are as confused by that as I am, you might want to take a look at this different outfit I made for Shane. Will replace his blue jacket with a green one and the polo shirt with a normal, grey one.

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Hello fellow Stardew Valley fans,

this is just a small mod to replace Shane's outfit in the game.

I never really liked that he was wearing a Joja jacket although he hates working there. Also he deserves a nice jacket that isn't as shaggy as his normal one. So I changed his jacket to be dark green. Also I replaced the green polo shirt he's usually wearing with a normal grey one.

How to install:

1) Download and extract the file.
2) Make sure to have a backup of the files in your content folder
3) Put the Shane.xnb file in the your .../Stardew Valley/Content/Characters folder and overwrite the original file.
4) Now rename the file Shane_portrait.xnb file to Shane.xnb and put it in your .../Content/Portraits folder, overwriting the existing file.
5) Start the game and enjoy Shane's new look :)

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