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A blue and purple user interface. Compatible with version 1.5 and the in-game translation. Older version of Starry Blue UI.

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I have a new UI, Starry Blue UI, which is the imo better version of this one, and is what I will be updating going forward. But I'm leaving this up in case anyone prefers it.

This is compatible with all the translations, as far as I can tell, but let me know if you hit any issues.

It shouldn't interfere with any mods that aren't also modifying the UI.

Installation Guide:
Install SMAPI and Content Patcher.
Download the file and unzip.
Put it in the Mods folder.

I couldn't find any easy way to change the brown text shadow, but spirit's  [Stardew Valley] Font property mode  will remove some of it. If you copy and paste this over the contents of the config file for that mod the money colour will also be prettier:

  "Debug": false,
  "HideShadow": true,
  "EnableFixSmallFontLineSpace": false,
  "SmallFontLineSpace": 30,
  "EnableFixFontPixelZoom": false,
  "FontPixelZoom": 1.0,
  "EnableFixFontColor": false,
  "FontColor": [],
  "EnableFixImgColor": true,
  "ImgColor": [
"Name": "Money",
"Target": [128,0,0,255],
"Change": [25,40,69,255]