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Adds 44 new weapons in 6 new weapon archetypes with new special attacks and stat spreads, as well as reworking the vanilla sword and dagger special attacks,

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  • Mandarin

This mod adds 44 new weapons under 6 new archetypes, expanding the vanilla 4 weapon styles to a total of 10.

  • Rapiers: Fast, stabbing swords with a high crit chance. Their special attack is an invincible dash forward followed by a trio of quick stabs.
  • Battleaxes: Heavy hitting, weaponized axes. Their special attack is a spinning slash!
  • Maces: Smaller clubs with greater attack speed. Their special attack is a combo, 2 quick smacks followed by a slam.
  • Staves: Projectile weapons that do minimal melee damage. Their special attack is a projectile spell.
  • Katanas: Sharp, artisan blades meant for slashing. Their special attack is a slash through the enemy followed by a slash at their back.
  • Greatswords: Massive, hulking blades. Their special attack is a sharp plunge into the earth, creating an explosion!

I have also modified the vanilla sword and dagger special attacks to be a touch more interesting alongside the new weapons. Swords now shoot sword beams for 2x melee damage, while daggers throw a spread of three throwing knives!Every weapon has a basic wooden, iron, and steel version purchasable from Marlon at the adventurer's guild, with 2 late-game tiers purchasable after a certain secret is found. There are also a handful of rare weapons you can only find as drops in the mine, many of them very special...

1: Install SMAPI, Advanced Melee Framework, and JSON Assets as well as their requirements
2: Download Stardew Valley Armaments and extract the .zip file wherever you'd like
3: Drag & Drop the StardewValleyArmaments folder into your Mods folder

Should be compatible with just about anything, including mods that change combat professions like Walk of Life. Please post in the bugs section if you find any specific incompatibilities.