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Adds a new menu allowing 2 players to trade items and money

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A mod made after trying to give a stack of bait to a friend and dropping it in the ocean.
It adds a more efficient way for 2 people to share items and even money (because why not)

How to use : 
Walk up to the player you want to trade with and press the designated button to request them to trade.
For this mod to work both players need to have it installed.
There is a config option for the button, and one to increase the radius of tiles within which to find the trade receiver.
The menu will show the first 16 items added by each person.

Config : 
TradeMenuButton : The button which will be used to open the trade menu. Multiple values are allowed separated by comma's. Must be conform Stardew Keybindings
Global: Whether or not to trade with anyone on the server instead of the current location
Default Values : 
TradeMenuButton: "G, LeftStick",
Global: false

How to install : 
1. Install Smapi
2. Unzip the file and place it in the mod folder

[Source Code]