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Redone the Community Center Questline, Adds new rewards, new bundle system and more!

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  1. Keep Community Center and Joja Mart, in the same save, enjoying the best of both when using Stardew Valley Expanded!
  2. It changes the inventories of Pierre's and Joja Mart immersively! Now the two have different functions for the player!
  3. Add a new and lorefriendly questiline to the Community Center! Help Old Master Cannoli restore the connection between our world and the junimos world!
  4. Remakes the bundle system to be more immersive. Allows both the old collection and delivery of items, as well as unlocking the bundles improving your skills! (Just check the Unlock at LV 10 option and the bundles will be avalaible to buy with Cannoli)
  5. Community improvements are now performed only by filling out the Joja form. This way, the player can develop the Morris questline without losing the Community Center!
  6. Once renovated, NPCs will visit the Community Center more often!
  7. New lorefriendly and immersive events!
  8. Allows (configurable) you to change skins and rename any tool!

See the Articles section for more details and configurations.

Download and install the mods below:

Just Unzip in your Mod folder. Overwrite any file if asked to do so.

Q - > This mod work in current saves?
R -> No, it's necessary a new save, because many events trigger when you enter in Town for the first time.
        Q - >  This mod change anything in Stardew Valley Expanded?
        R - > No. I don't touch in SVE. You can do all it's quests and extra content normaly, like Aurora Vineyard, Morris mayor, Joja Emporium... You name it. AND complete the CC/get Stardew Valley Trophy
       Q -> How I begin the CC quests?
       R -> You have to buy the Joja Membership and see the event inside de CC. Then just wait for 2 days and the Wizard will mail you.

  • Mods that change the appearance of Joja Warehouse and Community Center are not supported.
  • Mods that change the internal appearance of Community Center will not work, because the reformed Center loads a new custom interior map.
  • DGA assets that add new recipes to the vanilla crafting menu can cause bugs in Greedy King. If this happens to you, use the option to unlock bundles by improving your skills.
  • Mods that add new events or use the old Community Center will not work properly, both by position in the Town and by changes within the Center.
  • Activate SprinklersBetter Activate SprinklersActivated Sprinklers, and other like this mods. My mod already include this features in a updated code.

  • Shop Tile Framework and Custom Crafting Stations updates in the Start off each day. If Old Master Canolli or Greedy King doesn't update their inventories, you will need to wait for a day or reload the game.
  • Deluxe Grabber Redux may generate bugs in farms with the Shake Tree Feature, especially on custom farms. If happens to you, just disable this feature.

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