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Add some fantasy to your valley

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In a world with monsters, witches, and wizards, where are the fantasy creatures?
Add some fantasy elements to your Pelican Town.

It all started when I decided to make a fairy Emily, followed by Haley and Abigail. Instead of having a bunch of smaller mods, they are all now bundled into one experience. I'm doing this in my free time as I get ideas, so the progress is slow but feel free to follow the progress over my blog or give your suggestions!

  • : First release. Contains Abigail, Caroline, Emily, Haley, Leah, Pam and Penny. It also has the Community Bundle for Emily, previously unreleased
  • : Second release. Adds Sebastian, Sandy, Jas and Marnie. I also added an Alternative Texture file for the kelpie form of Sebastian.


Trigger warning : Some fantasy races have descriptions leaning on the violent side according to the traditional mythology, proceed with caution.

Fairy (fae) : free-spirited and lively, fairies are known for their mysterious ways and to be in touch with nature.
The two sisters came from the big city to get in touch with their origins, both with very different personalities.

Harpy : they might have a little of a bad reputation, but harpies can also be honorable guardians.
Spirits of the wind and the rainbows, they are said to have a fragrant aroma.

Spider-folk : also known as jorōgumo, the stories of them killing men are greatly exaggerated.
Abigail has a bad time with her fear of spiders, tho.

Alraune : they say that alraunes are born from the blood spilled at rose bushes, so maybe that's why Leah is a vegetarian.
In any case, she is in tune with the trees and the forest around her.

Kelpie : water creatures from the Celtic tales, often seen by the river. They can be elusive and rather mysterious.
Still, they can be more loyal than they are willing to admit.

Naga : inhabitants of warmer climates, they have the reputation of being seductresses.
Or maybe it is just a playful misunderstanding? Either way, it might be good for business.

Sheep-folk : Laid-back and welcoming, their horns start developing at a very early age but they are great for ribbons

I'm still deciding the species for the bachelors and the other villagers, suggestions are welcome!
All the bachelorettes have unique wedding dresses, so the guys will have it too.
Right now I'm unsure if I should have Maru to be another fantasy race or leave her as human, so ideas are definitively welcome.

Content Patcher version: 
Place it in your Stardew Valley/mods/  folder and you are good to go

  • Is it compatible with Immersive and/or mods and/or Stardew Valley Expanded?
Any mod that adds new sprites to the base game characters will likely be incompatible at the present.
  • Do you have any plans for having a Diverse Stardew Valley version?
I admire that project a lot! Maybe in the future, once I wrap up at least the marriage candidates.  I don't want to overpromise and stretch myself too thin and leave people waiting for something I might take too long to deliver.
  • What are your plans for <this> or <that> character?
I'm still figuring out some of the races so feel free to give your opinion or feedback at any time! 

Submit your suggestion! Give your opinion! All input is welcome.

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