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Sometimes you want to start a themed-roleplay playtrough.. but catalogues and furniture are dirty expensive as 200k!
This mod fixes that so you can have fun decorating faster. (Now both catalogues will cost just 100g each)

Permissions and credits
Start decorating faster!
-Make the themed farm of your dreams for your new roleplay playtrough.

-(I also made this so it complements for any furniture mod i make in the future...  where i value the pieces i make as high as free.)

Locations :
The furniture Catalogue is unlocked at Robin´s shop once you have Upgraded your house once!
The Walls/Floor Catalogue is sold at Pierre´s at all time

Troubleshooting :
If you can´t find them or they still have the original cost :
-Another mod is modifying them
-Vortex is omiting config files (as usual)
-Bad installation

There is no cheat because :
-Furniture does not offer progression or utility... its just decoration
-This is not a Sims game, where furniture cost and type matters.

Oof :
-On the first year, you will always need money... and a 5k RANDOM furniture piece at the traveling merchant feels like a huge waste of it.
-200,000g for a furniture piece is an endgame luxury.. Decoration should be basegame.

The mod has 2 config options to turn on/off the price individually. (Turned On by default)