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An adorable new pastel-coloured interface for your magical farmers! ♡

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This mod replaces the original user interface with an adorable pastel blue and pink interface, with astrological and wing accents. It isn't complete yet, but I received a lot of interest for it on Tumblr so I've at least released the pink-blue colour palette for now. At the bottom I've listed all the additional things I intend to do soon, but for now! Yaaay, previews~

- cursors (minus fishing interface), menu tiles, title screen and text boxes recoloured/redesigned in pastel pink/blue
- font colours softened
- friendship colours changed - 'love red' now replaces purple as highest friendship colour, with pink replacing red as 'fancy/good friends' indicator
- letter background and envelope redesigned in pastel

- more cursors recolours added, including fishing interface, treasure chests, petals and the wedding arch. Villager portrait box has been snazzed up with new winged moon deco and polkadots
- Junimo note overhauled in pink and gold (more colour options will be available in the future) - presents on these menus have also been recoloured to go with the new colour scheme
- new accents for menu tiles

- bulletin board recolour added (more colour options av. in future), for a pure pastel help board and calendar


Please do not redistribute my work or claim as your own - I put a lot of effort into creating my mods (so much so that I'm up at 4am UK time, sleep-deprived, determined to release!) so please be considerate of my hard work :)

DO NOT download my mods anywhere other than Nexus - other sites will have ads, which generate revenue for the site owners, and I do this totally for free. So support me by downloading from Nexus only!

coming soon:

more cursor icons
alternative colours - witchy purple palette



Unzip the file with WinRAR or something similar, then place all .xnb files into the corresponding folders tht exist within your Stardew Valley steam folder (this is usually something like Program Files (x86) → Steam → steamapps → common). Make sure to make backups of the original files somewhere, then just switch on the game and enjoy!


Please do let me know if you discover any bugs or oversights in any of my mods - I try to be as meticulous as possible but it's always a possibility that I missed something small, like a stray coloured pixel where there should be transparency. If you tell me, I can fix it, and have an updated version of the mod up by the end of the day :)

thank you all for your continued support!