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Adds a bank function to the game.

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This mod adds a bank function to Stardew Valley.


1. Deposit your money to your bank account.
2. Gain interest nightly on any money inside your bank account.
3. Take out a loan to help you progress. (Service fee's apply)


How to use

Default Use
1. Have the Community Center Opened
2. Have the Vault Room completed, and the bus route re-opened.
3 Right Click anywhere on the vault to open the Bank Menu.

Alternative Use
1. Run the game at least once, so it builds the config file. If you have the Generic Mod Config Menu installed, you can edit the config file that way. If not, open your stardew valley folder -> Mods -> BankofFerngill and open the config.json file. Change the setting for EnableVaultRoomDeskActivation to true.
2. Click where the desk would usually be. It will open the menu.

Joja Route
If you went the Joja Route, you can access the bank by going to JojaMart and righj clicking on the register / Computer by Morris.

Random Events (Beta) - Can be turned off and on by editing the config file.
Each night you have roughly a 10% chance that a random event will happen. The random events include

Stock Market Crashed - You lose a random amount of money from your bank account.
Stock Market Rose - You gain a random amount of money. It's added to your bank account.
Your Bank Account got Hacked - You lose 75% of your money in the bank.
Customer Appreciation - You get a random amount of money as a gift.
Debt Paid - If you owe money to the bank, the debt is forgiven.

Hard Mode
Now included is HardMode. If enabled, it will give you a set amount (Can be modified in the config file.) of debt in a loan. While you have debt, you will not be able to deposit any money (Can be disabled in the config file), until it's paid off.

Change Config Settings
BaseBankingInterest The interest you will gain on any money you have deposited into the bank. It's done right before a save happens.
EnableRandomEvents Coming Soon
EnableVaultRoomDeskActivation Whether or not, you want to have to wait for the Vault room to be done.


LoanBaseInterest Base interest you pay on any loan you take out.
PayBackLoanDaily Whether or not you pay back a portion of your loan each night.
PercentageOfLoanToPayBackDaily A percentage of how much of your loan you pay back each night.
EnableUnlimitedLoansAtOnce Allows you to have an unlimited amount of loans at any time.
EnableHardMode Whether or not you will incur debt.
HowFarInDebtAtStart How much debt is added in hard mode.
BypassHavingToRepayDebtFirst Whether or not you have to repay debt before you can deposit money.

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5.6 on Linux/macOS/Windows.
  • Works in single player. Should work on Multiplayer and Split screen, but haven't been tested.

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