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Adds an additional plot of land for crops/animals/buildings/machines. Supports all farm types. Does not modify any vanilla game files or save files.

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This mod adds an additional location that functions as a farm expansion. The farm expansion functions just like your farm, with the ability to support crops, animals, buildings, and machines (with some exceptions). The farm expansion can be accessed from the west end of your farm, an entrance will be dynamically patched in depending on which farm type you chose when you started your game. For those with heavily modified farm maps, a config option allows for an alternate entrance to be added to the "backwoods" location just north of the farm. This mod does not modify any vanilla game files or save files, so it should be compatible with virtually all other mods (and can be safely disabled/re-enabled at any time).

To purchase buildings or animals for your farm, simply pay a visit to Robin or Marnie (respectively) as you normally would. Their menus now have an option to select which farm to build on.

Note: 3.0 does not yet support all buildings. So far, wells, mills, sheds, coops (all sizes), and barns (all sizes) can be built.

New in 3.0:

  • Mod has been rewritten from the ground up for SDV 1.2.33 and SMAPI 1.15+

  • Adds support for Linux/Mac

  • No longer depends on the Serializer Replacement Utility.

  • Farm Expansion data is saved in the mod folder, not your save files.
  •     (You can safely uninstall without worrying that your save file will be corrupted).


StardewValley 1.2.33
Stardew Modding API (SMAPI) 2.5+: download here


1. Download mod and extract contents into your SMAPI mods folder

Directory structure should look as follows:

Stardew Valley\Mods\FarmExpansion
--> FarmExpansion.dll
--> FarmExpansion.pdb
--> Manifest.json
--> \assets\FarmExpansion.tbin
--> \assets\TreeTransplantFarmIcon.png
--> \assets\WorldMap.png


1. Remove the FarmExpansion folder from your mods directory.

Note: If you want to save your progress on the expansion for a future re-install, make a backup of Mods\FarmExpansion\pslocationdata

Source Code:

Future Plans:

Hoping to add support for more buildings. The only reason it doesn't support the rest currently is because I haven't had time to test them.

Version History:

v1.0: Initial Release.
v1.01: Corrected tons of mismatched tile issues on the Farm Extension.
v1.02: Storm version fixed to no longer recreate warp points in a location thanks to Seberoth on the modding irc channel.
v1.1: Major release. A path has been added to the south western side of your farm. Rain now waters crops. Trees/Grass grow properly. Tilled soil without crops disappears over time. Debris generation corrected. Storm API support dropped.
v1.2: You can now plant trees on the farm extension. Updated to use SMAPI 0.39.2.
v1.3: Warp points adjusted slightly so you can enter the farm extension with your horse again (oops). Massive rewrite on the dynamic tile modifying code to further increase compatibility with other mods.

v2.0: The farm expansion finally supports buildings and animals! Robin and Marnie's menus now allow you to choose which farm to construct/demolish buildings or add animals to. Graphical improvements have been made to the default animal shop menu as CA really dropped the ball on this one. Robin now constructs all buildings in a single day, allows you to construct as many as you'd like in a single day, and also will continue to sell you goods provided she isn't currently upgrading your house. Upgrading the Farm House still takes 3 days. Config file added which allows for enabling/disabling crows on the expansion, and also allows you to modify the expansion slightly to add a cottage on the north eastern hill (cottage interior will be added at a later date).
v2.01: Resource clumps (giant rocks and stumps on the farm) are now correctly loaded from the save file.
v2.05: Now compatible with Tego's Stardew Expansion. Machines placed inside buildings on the expansion now correctly process materials. Grass/weeds/rocks/logs correctly generate on the expansion. Other miscellaneous code improvements.
v3.0: Rewritten from the ground up for SDV 1.2.33 and SMAPI 1.15+. No longer has other dependencies. No longer touches save files.Supports all 5 farm types.
v3.0.1: Improves compatibility with other mods that add farm blueprints.
v3.0.2: Robin no longer overstays her welcome after upgrading an existing building.
v3.0.3: Bug fixes. Fixes infinite loop upon naming hatched pets, and bee hives now produce the correct honey type.
v3.0.4: Artifact spots on the expansion now correctly drop items.
v3.1: Adds farm expansion location to world map. Improves compatibility with other mods.
v3.2: Adds new config option for patching alternate entrance to the expansion from the backwoods. Adds full support for the TreeTransplant mod. Unpacks assets for easy editing.
v3.3: Updated for SMAPI 2.5. Adds a mod API which allows other mods to inject custom farm blueprints (e.g. Tractor Mod). Removes Tree-Blocking tile property from expansion map. (Special thanks to @Pathoschild for updating the mod for SMAPI 2.5 and including the new mod API.)