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Creates a new window that lets you click on a characters portrait to instantly go to their wiki page

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This mod adds a new toggleable window that shows the faces of all the villagers that you can befriend, and it opens up their respective wiki page when you click on them. I always look up NPC wiki pages to see what gifts they like, their schedules, etc. so I felt like this would take some of the hassle out of it.

This mod has two configuration options:
  • "ButtonToToggleMenu" determines what button(s) you press to open/close menu. Default is J, but you can change it to any key or combination of keys from this page on the wiki.
  • "HideUnmetVillagers" will remove any villagers you haven't met yet from the window. Default is true, and can only be set to true or false.

How to use
The default button to toggle the menu is J, but you can set it to whatever you'd like. Once the menu is open, simply click on a villager's portrait to be sent to their wiki page!

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5.6 on Linux/macOS/Windows.
  • Should work in both singleplayer and multiplayer since it's entirely client-side. I'm unable to test it on splitscreen, so if anyone tries it, lemme know!

See also
  • Source code
  • If you have any problems with any of my mods, don't hesitate to shoot me a DM on Discord: stultusv - I'm honestly happy to help however I can!