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Allows you to age truffle oil, juice, jelly, dried fruit, dried mushrooms, and aged roe (including caviar) in casks.

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Ever thought that the vanilla casks are way too restrictive? Now you can put more stuff in them! This mod adds the ability to age truffle oil, juice, jelly, dried fruit, dried mushrooms, aged roe, and caviar, increasing their quality over time.

Important note: Due to this mod requiring Custom Cask Mod, it will also enable two things by default due to that mod: being able to age both maple syrup and pickles, and a letter when you first play a save file with this mod enabled that reminds you of these features (this is why this mod requires Mail Framework Mod). For now, to disable these two things:
  • To disable aging maple syrup and pickles: after installing the mod and starting the game up once, navigate to the folder for Custom Cask Mod, then "data", then open "CaskData.json" in any text editor (Notepad works if you don't have anything else). Delete the middle two lines, leaving the "{" and "}" in the file.
  • To disable the letter: open the game once with the mod installed and then set the config "DisableLetter" to true, either through GMCM or by changing the config.json file.

Should be compatible with 1.6, but let me know if there's any issues.