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a foraging map featuring waterfalls!

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Hey there, this time I'm bringing you a new map for the forest farm. I'm quite proud of it to be honest. I included two versions - one with debris and one without debris on the farm. Anyways, as always please read the rest of this post and have fun!

Please download either Maleha's or Voltaic123's waterfall tilesheet over on the official stardew valley forum. Maleha's set is for the original sdv's game colors. Voltaic123's is for a new map recolor by eemie (the one in the previews). You must move these into both the content and maps folder.

Someone kindly notified me that Maleha's tilesheets are named differently. If you are using their's please rename them to '(season)_waterfall.xnb'.

- Go to your Content\Maps folder in your stardew valley file directory
- Backup the original foraging map .xnb file by renaming it or moving it into a different folder
- Extract the downloaded file and place farm_foraging.xnb in your Content\Maps folder
- And that’s it! Enjoy!

- Waterfall tilesheet credits go to the amazing Maleha and Voltaic123, you can find their downloads on this page
- Eemie's Map Recolor in the screenshots, you can find it here
- Ali's amazing grass mod here
- Ali's Overgrown Fairy Buildings right here