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A mod that overhauls the Farmer to allow for customisable characters, includes new interfaces (Doctor's, Leah's and a bonus), adjusts the Wizard menu to also make these accessible, adjustments for Boots so they display on character, new tailoring menu for sleeves and easier coloring of boots, dual color hair, and more.

Permissions and credits

A mod that changes the way the farmer is rendered and introduces a series of new features aimed to match the game's mechanics. Customisations to your character applies only to yours, so provided other players have the same mods installed, your characters will have unique appearances.

There is quite a large amount of changes;
  • Hair
    • Dual hair color (select a color for the main of your hair and the dark of your hair)
    • Body hair (provided by content mods, draw beneath clothes)
    • Beards (provided by content mods, these can be with accessories and longer than standard)
    • Updated Mini Portrait (better reflects your characters appearance)
    • Possible to animate (via content packs) and easily override vanilla hair with animated versions
  • Body
    • Adjustable base body (a simple version, more provided by content mods)
    • Adjustable arms (provided by content mods)
    • Naked overlays (provided by content mods, this allows you to choose how your character will look when not wearing clothes)
    • Option to turn off bathhouse gender check (under config)
  • Boots
    • Custom display boots on character (provided by content mods, this will display boots using whatever graphics fit best)
    • Colored icons (boots match their dyed color)
    • Feet (when boots not equipped)
    • Boot Stainer (easier coloring of boots using items)
    • Supports JsonAssets/Dynamic Game Assets added boots
  • Clothing
    • Variable sleeve lengths (general automatic settings for default clothes)
    • Tailoring of sleeves (adjust the length of a sleeve for that clothing item in the tailoring menu)
    • Tabbed tailoring menu (access dying, additional tailoring, all from the sewing machine)
    • Option (per player) to have overalls match their pants color
    • Option (per player) to use a swimming outfit or naked overlays
    • Can match your custom body shape (content mods must implement)
  • New menus
    • Wizard menu is replaced to provide access to other body adjustment menus, supports random button using installed packages
    • Harvey's surgery includes a cheaper but limited set of options for plastic surgery (body and face) and natural color hair and eyes
    • Haley provides a new Trinkets set-up (works with Accessories), you need to purchase each trinket (just once), and the prices are per trinket, with 2 possible colours and up to 5 equipped at a time.
    • Leah provides color specialisation so you can go wild
    • There's another...

Starting with a new game? 
The basics should work alright from the beginning. If you start a new file, head to the Hospital/Harvey's and you should be able to change your basic look, and if you are using GMCM you should be able to set customisation to free, and change back after that.

Look in the other downloads section for a basic set of initial bodies, faces etc while waiting for any mod authors to convert their packs.


Version 0.0.9 major changes

Version 0.0.8 major changes

Version 0.0.7 major changes

Version 0.0.6 major changes

Version 0.0.5 major changes

Version 0.0.4 major changes

Version 0.0.3 major changes

Version 0.0.2 major changes

Version 0.0.1 initial release


Compatible with
Not compatible with
  • FashionSense (a really cool mod which allows for much more crazy changes)
  • Any Content Patcher mod that changes the farmer (consider turning it into a pack for this mod!)

Making content mods

You can read the author guide documentation. I recommend looking under the optional files to see examples, or use the "Requirements" tab above to see other mods.
By using SMAPI's new asset pipeline, you can edit many of the default files provided by this mod, see the compatibility mod in other files to see how.

Known bugs

It's been a big project, and while most bugs are squashed there's still some I might need help with! Check and report under the bugs tab, don't forget to include a log or any information on how to recreate the issue.

If you think you can help, grab the source code

Enjoy my stuff? You can buy me a coffee to say thanks.