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This is a simple dialogue-only mod that gives Jodi and Kent more to say and expands on issues both characters are internally dealing with.

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General Note About 1.3: Due to time constraints in real life, I will most likely not be updating my mods in the near future.  There have been significant changes to how the game works in terms of the code, we don't know for sure that nothing else will be changed after the beta, and I am not familiar with the tools necessary to make mods compatible.  Once everything is ironed out after the update, I'll look into compatibility as soon as I have time.  Thanks for your understanding.

However, for this mod, there is a content-patched version of the file done by SalivationArmy that is available in the file section.

This is a simple dialogue-only mod that gives Jodi and Kent more to say.  Full text is included in the info file.  To use this mod, back up your originals and replace Jodi.xnb and/or Kent.xnb in your Content\Characters\Dialogue folder.  SMAPI not required.  Please contact me if you find any broken dialogue, typos, or portraits that seem to be incorrect for their text.  I will do my best to fix it.

It expands on:
-Jodi's ambivalence toward being a wife and mother and her anxieties about the future
-Kent's PTSD and resulting struggles (without making him open up too much and too often because that doesn't seem to fit his character)
-Both talk a bit more about each other and their kids

It does lean toward the depressing, considering the issues being dealt with, but the general tone is in line with what's depicted in the vanilla game.  There are some positive lines and also evidence of a stronger friendship with the farmer as hearts increase.
There are a total of 47 lines for Jodi and 37 for Kent, including the original content (I only made one or two tiny tweaks to that).  Content is spread fairly evenly across heart levels.  (In the future, I may do a v2.0 that concentrates on 10-heart dialogue, but nothing is currently in the works.)

Known Issues:
-None currently.
-One line of Jodi's dialogue may trigger in year 1 when it should not start until year 2, but I have not confirmed that yet.  Please let me know if you encounter this and I will see if I can fix it.  (It will be obvious which line it is, and Kent will also refer to the issue on the same day if spoken to.)

WARNING: Do not download this mod from any place other than NexusMods or the Chucklefish forums! WWW.STARDEWVALLEYMODS.NET STEALS MODS AND UPLOADS THEM ON THEIR WEBSITE WITHOUT PERMISSION. DO NOT download any mods there! If you see my mods anywhere other than Nexus or the forums, please link me to the site asap. Thank you!