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replaces Objekts and grass ..There is a Content Patcher Version now !!

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Made an Content Patcher Version for all the stuff in one!! 

replaces objects like :
-flooring and walls (changed into one file (Floor.xnb,floor.xnb,walls and floor.xnb))
-Stones ,stombs and bushes,some objekts like apples, milk and stuff (springobject.xnb)
-decoration (furniture)
Edit: optinal Critters =) bees and some LTTP style birds like the raven and stuff (Edit2: did some pixel changes)
Edit: furniture are here added new stuff in as well...(dont know what happened with the first one)
Edit:chest recoulor and scarecrows (craftables.xnb)
Edit: i change the file with the flooring and wall in one there is no confussion anymoe ^^ (all files go to there folders like in the zip file)
Edit: updated the Springobjekt for the 1.3 version and also added new objekts 
Edit: upated chest and scarecrows and addet the statues in 
Edit: updated dekoration
Edit: updated Content Patcher : i addet the new flooring stuff ^^ and removed pixel stuff that was bothering

how to install Normal Versions:
for spring objects: go to ur stardew valley --> content --> maps folder and replace the springobject.xnb file there and but it only in your  content Folder

for thr grass: xnb: go to your stardew valley folder ---> content --->TerrainFeatures and replace it there 

For Critters : Go to Your Stardew Valley --> Content -->Tilesheets and replace the Critters.xnb with the new one 

for the furniture: Go to your stardew valley --> Content -->tilesheets adn replace the furniture.xnb file with the new one

for the scarecrows and chest: Got to stardew valley-->Content--->Tilesheets and replace the Craftables.xnb with the new one