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Expanded and more affectionate marriage dialogue for Penny.

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This mod expands Pennys marriage dialogue and makes her behave more affectionate towards you. I also added subtle things like Penny brewing coffee on rainy days, giving you snacks to keep you energized, commenting on festivals and certain days of the year, etc.

The mod is meant for happy marriages. I didn't touch any of the "bad" dialogue and there might be inconsistencies when your relationship with Penny isn't very good (e.g. super affectionate in one moment, then suddenly mad at you). However, that probably was the case in vanilla too.

Her expressions of love may be too over the top for some people, and that's understandable. To each his own.
I copied the .yaml file into the spoiler below, so you can get a general idea of the mod and decide if it's for you or not. Ignore the funny looking stuff.


Here's the vanilla one if you want to compare it.

  • Unzip the MarriageDialoguePenny.xnb file after downloading.
  • Place the file into the Stardew Valley folder under Content\Characters\Dialogue and overwrite the original.

If you find errors and/or have ideas for improvements, please take them to me. Enjoy.