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yunoxinyuan and -PainlEssly-

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Wizard overhaul, relpalce the vanilla Wizard with Genos (from one punch man) and make hime datable. There is also an optional file adding invisible hairstyle so that you can play Saitama too. I edit the farmer baldy sprite but don't change the shape of the head and it's compatible with get dressed!

Permissions and credits
I'm a big fan of One Punch Man so... just really want to make this!

This mod replaces the vanilla Wizard with Genos and adds a background to him. Now the vanilla wizard is more like Genos's father or senpai. The witch is his mother and the vanilla wizard's daughter is Genos's associate. 

The portraits are provided by -PainlEssly-. Great thanks to her.

Heart Events (4, 8, 10)
Flower Dance and Kissing Compatibility
Custom Dialogue (Normal, Festival, In-laws)
Custom Schedules 

There are contents related to hair-growth so if you want immersion, your character better be Saitama (Bald).
Genos visits Archeology House every Monday and does research in the forest on Friday. He is a bit curious about you and hesitates to pay a visit. So on Friday afternoon if you go down the path out of your farm, you may encounter him. He goes to the hospital when it rains. In autumn he often hangs around in the forest. After marriage, he keeps the habit of reading in the Archeology House and sometimes goes to the beach.

This mod also tweaks the Jelly Festival a bit. I drag the wizard out of the brush and put him in a good spot to watch jellies, you can now watch the jellies with him and the spot is quite a distance from the mass of people.

I got inspired by the anime plot when I did the events part. So if you have seen the anime, you may find some clues in it. I still get the plans to add more events into it. Enn...but not now.

Farmer Saitama:

There is an optional file for farmer Saitama. As I said I didn't edit the shape of head, just edited the color of the head and got rid of the ugly black line of the head. it's also compatible to the get dressed mod.

Known issue:

The spouse room is empty after marriage. I haven't finished this part.

How to install:

Remember to backup your game and saves before install!

Because we use high-res portraits, you need to download Portraiture first. This mod works well in my computer with SMAPI 1.14 and Stardew Valley 1.2.30
1. Then put Portraiture into your mods folder and open it. There is a folder called "Portraits" inside. Open it and create a folder called "genos".
2. Download the main file of this mod, extract the file, and you will find Wizard.png in the folder. Put it into the folder "genos". The path is like this:Stardew Valley/Mods/Portraiture/Portraits/genos/Wizard.png
3. Open the Datable Wizard Genos folder and copy all the files to your Stardew Valley/Content folder and let them override the vanilla files.
4. If you want to use the optional Saitama mod, download the optional file and extract it. Copy farmer_base.xnb, farmer_girl_base.xnb, hairstyles.xnb inside the Farmer Saitama folder to your Stardew Valley/Content/Characters/Farmer folder and let them override the vanilla files.
If you use get dressed, remember to copy female_face1_nose2.png and male_face1_nose2.png to the overrides folder of GetDressed and let them override the vanilla files.

If you want more hairstyles besides the bald, you can try this mod Cute long hairstyles, it already has invisible hairstyle and also adds cute long hairstyles.

Also, the clothes the farmer wears in the photo shoot is from Sakura collection.