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I always found Haley's dialogue to be so mean. So I changed it to be a little bit nicer. I still kept her a fashion addict and photographer, she's just a little bit less negative towards you and the town in general.

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**First time Modder, please leave constructive criticism!**

So I only just learned how to unpack and repack the xnb files for Stardew Valley. I really wanted a mod that changes Haley's dialogue to be less harsh. She's now nicer towards you, Stardew Valley and Emily. So no more Haley-hate.

If you like her dialogue the way it is you don't have to download this, but if you're like me and get a "mean girls" vibe from Haley and want to change that this mod is made for you.

Not 100% play-tested so let me know if you encounter anything out of place and I will try to fix it if I can.

Some of the facial expressions won't fit the new dialogue, but I haven't figured out how to edit those yet.

Edited xnb file, just place in your Stardew Valley folder.


Anyone who worked on Stardew Valley

Imgur user cantorsdust for his tutorial on how to unpack and repack xnb files.

Draivin for his XNB node program.

Good folks at Notepad ++ for their editing software.