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This mod changes Penny into Pryce. Overall this mod adds almost 200 extra lines of dialogue. It also changes his schedule and adds a brand new heart event at7 hearts!

Permissions and credits

Penny -> Pryce dialogue and personality overhaul!
All credit for Pryce's portrait and sprite goes to strange_kid
I simply edited them to fit personal tastes.

What this mod does:

This mod changes Penny into Pryce. It adds 140 lines of dialogue and overhauls exiting lines before marriage, and adds 58 lines of dialogue and overhauls existing lines after marriage. Overall this mod adds almost 200 extra lines of dialogue. It also changes his schedule and adds a brand new heart event at 7 hearts! Pryce keeps Penny's initial shyness and her love for reading and children but is more fleshed out with interests branching out from just simply books. Whilst Penny is a good character on her own, I felt that she was rather flat. And thus Pryce was born.

Dialogue Features:

Pryce will initially be quite shy and won't really speak to you much until around 4 hearts when he feels more comfortable around you. You will learn that Pryce has been trying his hand at many different creative hobbies as you get to know him better. He will even take an interest in growing his own flowers and vegetables inspired, of course, by you. Pryce will talk to you more about his issues as you become closer to him, revealing more about his mother and his past.

Pryce has dialogue for every season, day, and heart level. He will talk about upcoming festivals and has a couple of unique versions if you are dating him. All 10 heart dialogue is written as if you're dating (because you are). The dialogue contains some suggestive themes, but nothing explicit.

Schedule Changes:

Pryce will still tutor the children on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and will follow Penny's usual schedule apart from the times listed below:

  • Summer: On his days off you will find him at the beach in the afternoons on sunny days.
  • Fall: On his days off you will find him in the forest in the mornings and in town near the community center in the afternoons. On Saturdays, you will find him reading in the forest.
  • On the 23rd of EVERY season: He will be up in the mountains with Linus.
  • After marriage: He goes out on Mondays to go shopping and Saturdays to read in the forest.

The new event: You can trigger this event when Pryce is at 7 hearts. The event is
triggered on a rainy day between 8am and 4pm at the railroad. The event cannot be triggered in winter.

Installation and Compatibility:

When you unpack this mod you will see various folders. This mod has compatibility for the Harvey Personality Mod by Woosh0 and the Jas Events mod by randomAnon1234 make sure you install these FIRST if you want to use them and install this mod over the top. For those who do not want to use them, use the files from the Standalone Mod folder.

  • Navigate to your Stardew Valley folder, then go into the Content folder.
  • Backup all of the files this mods replaces BEFORE you install this mod.
  • Choose ONE of the relevant folders from my zip file for your game (Standalone, Jas Events, Harvey Personality or BOTH)
  • Copy over and replace the files.
  • Play and have fun!

The Optional Folder: I have also added an extra file with the map strings from
Karmylla's Immersive Map Edits all this does is change Vincent's report card in his house to be from Pryce.

Those who are using the Harvey Personality Mod - My mod REMOVES the mail that gives you the quest to return Harvey's airplane. This is because this is currently BROKEN (for me at least). It keeps all other mail he sends you, only the plane quest has been removed.

For those interested in why certain xnb's have been edited:
  • animationdescriptions: This is so that Vincent refers to Pryce as Mr Pryce when he's reading in the museum. Otherwise he would call him Miss Penny.
  • Vincent and Jas' schedules: This is specifically for fall. Pryce does not spend time with the children on his days off in the Fall.
  • Mail: This is to change the letters Penny sends to you so they're signed from Pryce rather than Penny.
  • Events: The new event is at the railroad. The Forest and Town xnbs simply change mentions of Penny to Pryce


As far as I'm aware these are hard-coded into the game and can't be changed.

  • As a female character you will adopt children with Pryce. This isn't really a bug. I actually find this cute.
  • As a male character Pryce will get pregnant and have children. Hooray male pregnancy!
  • Pryce will always show as (girlfriend/wife) rather than (boyfriend/husband).
  • At your wedding if you are female you will still get the wife and wife dialogue. As a male you will get the husband and wife dialogue.


Q: Why not just overhaul Penny?
A: Because my personal preference is men and I thought Penny -> Pryce would make for an interesting character.

Q: Will you be making more gender swapped characters?
A: Maybe. But I'm not working on any right now. If I was going to swap another character it would be Leah -> Lee, and that would be my last one. I don't plan on doing any male to female swaps. And I don't plan on swapping every female to male.

Q: Will you be making any other dialogue based mods?
A: Yes. I have overhauled Sebastian's dialogue adding around the same amount of dialogue I have added to Pryce. I am currently testing it.

If you find any spelling mistakes or bugs, let me know!