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Allows NPCs to visit your farmhouse, fully configurable. (Compatible with mod NPCs)

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This mod allows villagers to visit when you're in the farmhouse, in a similar fashion to a certain animal game.

Este mod permite que los NPC te visiten cuando estás en tu casa, similar a un cierto juego de animales.

The mod is avaiable in spanish, english, and:
  • Turkish (by BURAKMESE)
  • Chinese (by SHIZHI01420142)
  • Russian (by crybaby00000)
  • Portuguese (by BrasileiroTop)
  • Thai (by watchakorn-18k)

  • Compatible with mod farmhouses / mod npcs
  • More hearts = more likely to visit
  • Blacklist option
  • Custom start/end hours
  • Custom chance (for every 10 minutes)
  • Works on multiplayer
  • (Optional) visits bring gifts
  • NPCs can ask for permission to enter

  • Compatible con casas mod / npcs mod
  • Más corazones = mas probable que visite
  • Lista negra
  • Horas de inicio/termino custom
  • Probabilidad custom (por cada 10 min.)
  • Funciona en multijugador
  • Los regalos (de visita) son opcionales
  • Los PNJs pueden pedir permiso para entrar

NOTICE: Schedules are loaded every in-game day, please don't use CP's "Update" field.
You can add custom visits via ContentPatcher, like this:

AVISO: Las rutinas se cargan cada día, si usas "Update" no se registrará.
Puedes agregar visitas custom usando
ContentPatcher, así:
"Action": "EditData",
"Target": "mistyspring.farmhousevisits/Schedules",
"Entries": {
"George": {
"From": 700,
"To": 1000,
"EntryDialogue": "Hi, @. What are you young kids getting up to?",
"ExitDialogue": "It's getting cold...#$b# I have to go. Goodbye, @.",
"Dialogues": [
"This house isn't so bad...",
"%George is looking at you as you work."

"LogName": "Add visit",
"Action": "EditData",
"Target": "mistyspring.farmhousevisits/Schedules",
"Entries": {
"NAME": {
"From": ,   //start hour
"To": ,     //end hour. if empty, defaults to max visit time
"EntryQuestion": "", //text when knocking (optional)
"EntryBubble": "",   //text over head (optional)
"EntryDialogue": "", //text after entering
"ExitDialogue": "",  //text when leaving
"Dialogues":   //dialogues (loaded every 10 min (optional))
""                   //...etc (any amount).
"When": {
   //contentpatcher conditions