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Drugs from the clinic, two craftable elixirs and the torch reimagined.

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Please do NOT redistribute/re-upload ANY of my mods to other websites, and
definitely not behind a paywall. This is not your work and you will be
infringing copyright and disrespecting my work if you do so. I do NOT
give permission to anyone to include my work in e.g. mod packs, not even
with credit. Always link back to my Nexus Mods page. I only upload my
mods on Nexus.

Emerging from my indefinite hiatus to post a little something for all of you....
Since I made it some time ago and have been using it for my own game, a few people have asked about it, so I decided to release it publicly.
- Mara

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

This is a small retexture pack consisting of 5 items:

* The clinic's energy tonic and muscle remedy
* Life elixir
* Oil of Garlic
* Torch

(All toggle-able in config.json)

▽ P R E V I E W S ▽

The tonics:

...Consumables rotation...

The candle:


Mods Shown in Preview Images:

  • Recolor: Vibrant Pastoral Recolor by grapeponta
  • Fences: Cottagecore Fences by Gweniaczek
  • Buildings: Medieval Buildings by Gweniaczek
  • Craftables: Medieval Craftables by Gweniaczek
  • Flooring: My personal merge of Seasonal Path and Flooring by DustBeauty and Gwen's Paths by Gweniaczek
  • Townhouse: Redesigned FarmHouse Layout by Aimon111
  • Foliage: Simple Foliage by Azrashar
  • Furniture: Industrial Furniture Set by DustBeauty, Rustic Country Walls and Floors by DustBeauty, (CF) Animation Lights by BaBa (*Naver)
  • Horse: A small personal edit to Rabbit Mount by LumpyReflection
  • Scarecrows: Ghibli Scarecrow Replacement by Eleila
  • Mail icon: Overgrown Flowery Interface by Maraluna
  • Crops: (SOJA) Ancient Crops by TrentXV and 6480