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Divine Decor is a set of witchy-inspired decoration items.

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  • Mandarin

Disclaimer ‧ I only upload my work on Nexus. If you find it anywhere else ─ do not download it!

? Newest Updates
2.2.0 ‧ The custom window update! Added multiple window variations (this was decided on a poll on my Twitter)

2.1.0 ‧ Reworked sprites, added color variations to items & switched from Custom Furniture to Alternative Textures

? About the Mod 
Divine Decor is a set of witchy-inspired decoration items. 
I found it difficult to find my witchy aesthetic in Stardew mods, so I decided to make my own to share!
✱ I'd love any feedback and ideas on future items to release!

? Installation
✦ Download the latest version of Alternative Textures & put it into your Mods folder
✦ Download Divine Decor & put that into your Mods folder as well

? How do I get the items in my game?
Purchase the item "Paint Bucket" from Robin's shop and use that to manually change the textures of items.
Open the file called "readme_wheretofinditems.txt" to see which vanilla items have which textures. 
I kept these organized by type to make it easier. I suggest CJB Item Spawner to get the items into the game. 
However, they all already exist in game and are basic vanilla items! 

? Other mods in previews
✦ Redesigned Farmhouse Layout
✦ IdaIda's Furniture Recolor
✦ Industrial Kitchen and Interior

I also have another mod "Horse to Broomstick" that let's you ride a broomstick around town! ?

? Future plans
✦ Actual furniture items (things like chairs, bookshelves, beds, etc.) 
✦ More detailed paintings & tapestries
✦ Outdoor furniture

Feel free to follow me on Twitter to stay updated on my mod journey.
I also have a Ko-fi if you're interested in tipping/supporting me! 

Special thank-you to Aimon111 for walking me through how to code this mod for Alternative Textures!