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Have control over the crops. Choose which ones will survive spring, summer and fall.

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”After a decade of research the ZZAU (Zuzu Agrarian University) discovered that the soil of Stardew Valley is more fertile than expected, and together with the new genetically modified seeds, they are now able to withstand the most severe climate changes. Research is still ongoing, the next step will be to make them withstand the winter.”

About the mod:

Inspired in Crops Anytime Anywhere this mod remove the restrictions about seasons crops, but with a littles differences:

1) Only vanilla crops is configured;
2) No crops in Winter (possible via edit content.json);
3) No tree fruits include (I will make the file soon).
4) You choose which ones will withstand the seasons and which ones will follow the vanilla pattern.

Next Steps:
> Tree Fruits
> Crops from others mods
> Suggestions?

Languages included:
(friendly to translate)


>Download and install Smapi;
>Unzip Content Patcher in /Mods;
>Unzip this mod in /mods.

Config without Generic Menu:

>Open SDV to mod create a file;
>Close the game in Main Menu;
>Open config in /mods/[CP] Crops Control Season/config.json;
>Change “false” to “true” like it:

“Parsnip”: “false”,
“Potato”: “true”,
“Rhubarb”: “false”,
“Strawberries”: “false”,
“Rice”: “false”,

Save file and have fun.

Config with Generic menu:

>Open the game and click/touch in cog icon;
>Open [CP] Crops Control Season;
>Chose crops, save and play.

All My Mods are make initially to android and make on Android (small screen is a huge challenge), I don’t have PC because is very expensive (Brazil). I’m sorry about this and to my bad English too.

All actived crops may incompatible with any another mod that change season and description of vanilla crops.

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