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Add nodes for gems and ores in mines.

Permissions and credits
This mod uses Custom Ore Nodes to spawn more nodes (gems and ores) in both mines, Mountain Cave and Skull Cave.
´╗┐Only vanilla gems and ores, custom assets is included.

High recommended mod:
Item Bags v.1.5.0
Your inventory fill in seconds.

Working on Android.

Instructions Android:
> Install SMAPI 3.7.6;
> Download CON 0.5.3 and unzip into your /mods folder;
> Download this mod and unzip into your /mods folder.

Instructions PC:
> Install SMAPI 3.8 (minimal);
> Download CON last update and unzip into your /mods folder;
> Download this Miscellaneous mod and unzip into your /mods folder.

Nodes start spawn:


Amethyst = all levels
Aquamarine = 40+
Clay = all levels
Coal = all levels
Copper = all levels
Diamond = 50+
Emerald = 80+
Fire Quartz = all levels
Gold = 80+
Iridium = 80+
Iron = 40+
Jade = 40+
Quartz = all levels
Ruby = 80+
Topaz = all levels

PC only:
Ores spawn at Skull Cave max level 180.
To more levels change max level on file "custom_ore_nodes.json" (Skull cave 1 level is 121 for calculation);

           "minLevel": 1,           
           "maxLevel": 300,
Pathoschild To SMAPI and others mods.
Aedenthorn Your mods are awesome. Please make more android mods. :)