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Replace the appearance of children in the last stage

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Replace the shape of the toddler in the last stage, a total of four pairs

How to use the three files
  • How to use the CP format: download and unzip it into the mod folder. If you need to change the style, if you want to enter the assets folder, select the style you want to change and change the png name to Toddler and Toddler_ Girl, add any number at the end of other unused png names
  • Usage of xnb: download and unzip, select the style you like and copy it to the Starnew Valley  Content  Characters folder to replace the original file (do not put it in the mod folder)
  • AT: Download and unzip to the mod folder,Download and unzip it to the mod folder, and install it beforAlternative Textures.Go to Robin's store to buy Picture scissors, select Picture scissors, left click on the child change the texture

  • CP:下载解压后放进mod文件夹。如果需要更换款式,想要进入assets文件夹,选择想要更换的款式png贴图名称改为Toddler和Toddler_girl,其他不用的png名称末尾加上任意数字
  • xnb:下载解压,选择喜欢的款式复制到Stardew Valley\Content\Characters文件夹里替换原文件(不要放进mod文件夹)
  • AT替代纹理 :下载解压到mod文件夹,装好前置AT,然后到罗宾的商店购买画剪,选中画剪左键点击孩子更换纹理