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Ever want to wake up at 1 AM? What about 7 PM? Well now you can!

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In a literal sense this mod sets the time after you wake up to ensure the days will always progress and that it's a "new day"!
If you want to wake up at specific times like 1:15 AM you'll have to write it like a 24-hour clock (115 for 1:15am or 1925 for 7:25pm)

The config is a little interesting so I'll explain it here, you have two settings:

AM (true/false) - Explains itself, do you want to set the alarm for AM or PM. True = AM, False = PM

Time (int) - You can enter a 12 hour clock setting here if you want, that's why I included an AM/PM setting.
Alternatively, you can be super specific by using a 24 hour clock, so instead of 7 you'd put 700.
(Doing this ignore the AM/PM setting though, so if you have 700 and AM set to false, it'll be 7 AM when you wake up.)