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About this mod

A mod that brings Cannabis and other things to the world of Stardew Valley!

Permissions and credits
v1.2 is up and ready to go! I did some things to balance things out, mostly the recipes as they
where being given to the player in the wrong order making it nearly impossible to make female
seeds in any reasonable time. Check the changelog at the bottom to see the exact changes.

Upgrading to this version will reorganize the recipes while letting you keep the ones you
already have. As always however please make sure to follow proper backup procedures before upgrading!!


This is a mod that currently adds:

40 New Items!
6 New Crops!
37 New Crafting Recipes!

All of which pertain to adding Cannabis into the world of Stardew Valley, as well
as Tobacco as a side effect!!

I have tried my best to make things feel balanced out but if anything feels broken
or you have any suggestions on what i should do next let me know!


*1 Tobacco Crop for making blunts and cigarettes

*2 Feminized Crops based on real strains available today

*2 Male Crops to produce seeds

*Feminization Spray to Feminize the seeds from the male to start growing buds

*A resin sieve to separate the resin from bud

*A hash press to press your resin into bricks of hash

*Joint and Blunt crafting with variants with hash rolled in them or even spliffed
with tobacco

*Everything now unlocks through your new best friend Willy! Pay him visits twice a
week to give him gifts and slowly he will send you the recipes you need. By the time you
get the kitchen in the first upgrade you should have at least a few recipes

To install this mod simply navigate to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley

>>>PLEASE do not forget to make a backup of your original Content folder before going any further!!<<<
---I also recommend backing up your character save which is in:
found by hitting start in the bottom left corner and typing into the search bar "%appdata% then hitting enter

then Copy and Paste the Content folder from my mod to the Stardew Valley folder. It
will ask you if you want to overwrite, Hit "Yes" followed by checking "Do this for all
the current items" and then "Yes" again. Lastly check "Do this for the next 6 conflicts"
then hit "Copy and Replace". That should do it and you should be on your way to
growing a massive crop of dense tasty buds!!!

===Compatibility WARNING===
This is an XNB mod, which means it requires nothing to work other then these files.
However it also means that it overwrites the games default files making it
incompatible with anything that modifies the following files and directories:






Unfortunately do to limitations of XNB only modding I have not added any machines
yet, I am however working on adding features through SMAPI slowly as I improve on
C#. For now however I will continue to make this mod this way and dependency free.

:Currently in development:
As of right now I am implementing cooking edibles with recipes that get added in
through the queen of sauce channel on the vanilla games TV. These however are not
ready yet, the code is all written out and everything but I am still working on all
the art. I am also working on revising the art heavily of the current release so please expect
that to change and improve as time goes on.

Currently written for 1.X are:
Cherry, Blueberry, Melon, Strawberry, Grape and Apple flavored Candies in 2
varieties. Those being as Hard Candies and Gummy Squares. I've also added Pot
Brownies and Cookies, Tinctures for each strain, as well as a Cocoa Plant and some
various new items for these recipes. I will release these as soon as I am finished
the new sprites for everything!
::Bug Reports::

I encourage everyone to let me know as soon as they find a bug so that I may try to fix it as
soon as possible. Thanks again for the look or try! ^w^

THIS MOD IS ONLY HOSTED ON NEXUS (and soon to be on the chucklefish forums)
if you see it on any other site under any other name please let me know!
Initial release! <Pulled down due to rewrite>

Removed recipes unlocking with farming level as it required restarting to obtain them and replaced it with an easier to update
method that hooks them in through the mail and cooking system!

Rebalanced recipe distribution to make WAY more sense progression wise, as well extended the cannabis crops from
5days to 8days plus the Tobacco plant from 5days to 7days in an attempt to balance out the profits better to make
it feel a little less broken.