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Adds a buildable greenhouse to the carpenter's shop with a configurable construction cost.

Permissions and credits
Adds the greenhouse to the carpenter's shop.
Updating from a version before 1.0.0 to a version after 1.0.0 causes loss of progress. It's best to wait until starting a new save before updating.
StartWithGreenhouse (default true):
- true: Greenhouse is buildable from the start
- false: Greenhouse is buildable once it is unlocked
BuildCost (default 100000):
- This is the cost to construct a greenhouse
BuildDays (default 3):
- This is the number of days to construct a greenhouse
BuildDifficulty (default 2):
- 0: Greenhouse requires no materials
- 1:
  - Stone 500
  - Wood 100
  - Ironbars 5
- 2:
  - Stone 500
  - Hardwood 100
  - Iridiumbars 5
  1. Download Buildable Greenhouse Updated
  2. Unzip Buildable
  3. Copy the contents of the zip into your "\Stardew Valley\Mods" folder
  4. The structure should look like this:
  5. -[CP] BuildableGreenhouse
    -[SF] BuildableGreenhouse
  6. That's it, you're done!

If you want to change your greenhouse map to a modded one follow these simple steps:
  1. Delete the ([CP] BuildableGreenhouse) folder within the Buildable Greenhouse Updated folder located in: "\Stardew Valley\Mods\BuildableGreenhouse" (please note that this folder might be in a different location if you use a mod manager)
  2. Now you can download any custom green house map you desire! I decided to use "Pookachu's Insane Greenhouse" in this tutorial.
  3. Download the according zip file and extract it into "\Stardew Valley\Mods"
  4. Now go to your newly installed mod folder. In my case: "\Stardew Valley\Mods[CP] Pookachus Insane Greenhouse"
  5. Open the "content.json" with a text editor of your choice
  6. Make the following changes (Just change the target, you don't need tiled or any other program):
  7. "Target": "Maps/Greenhouse",
    "Target": "Maps/GreenhouseMap",
    Pay extra attention to GreenhouseMap!
  8. Save the edited file.
  9. You did it! Load up your game, happy farming!

  • Better Junimos Compatibility
  • Greenhouse Sprinklers Compatibility (may implement similar features in this mod rather than compatibility)
  • Greenhouse Upgrades Compatibility (may implement similar features in this mod rather than compatibility)

Link to Source: Github
  • PeacefulEnd for his incredible Solid Foundation Framework
  • All the modders on the SDV discord that helped me along the way
  • [*]Xerduntis for writing this helpful tutorial as well as bug testing