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I love my poshy nose-in-the sky-writer, but his cabin looks very depressing. Let's change that!

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Elliott's Less Ugly House

Please check the original mod Here!
Thank you to Luan125gui for giving me permission to republish their mod with my edit!

A very simple mod with a fairly long description.

Our local aspirant novelist looks to be living in the backrooms, so I took it upon myself to wreck his home with a little more aesthetics
Edited from their amazing mod, I only did a few minor edits and a little bit of sledgehammer work to make Elliot's cabin reflect his canon living condition!

NEW!! 1.0.4

  • Added an Optional version - It's got a new design + the piano is recolor friendly. Use GMCM!
  • Added a new dependency, now needs EML or EML for Android if you're on mobile!

This has the most simplest coding that is known to man, so though I dread it I know there will be bugs and whatnot that I have overlooked. If you've spotted one, feel free to send a bug report AFTER reading below. Bug reports from those who has clearly not read the mod description will be ignored and/or deleted!
(Sidenote, you can see in the screenshot that Elliot's piano isn't recolored properly. This is because that is a custom tilesheet.)


Very Important, Read me!

What this mod DOESN'T do:

1. Add a night time version

Learned how to do that, no more eternal sunlight :((

2. Edits the Heart events

I made this mod with the VANILLA heart events in mind, so It should work fine with Elliott's normal cutscenes.

It should work with those that doesn't do anything with Elliott's Cabin Interior, but I'd imagine it doesn't fare well with those that does. 
I know there's a lot of mods out there that adds more cutscenes/heart events to Elliott, I just really can't test them all. If ever you are in a modded cutscene with him and somehow get stuck in the middle, just simply skip the cutscene.

Yes, not very immersive, but nothing much I can do about. Just think of it as your character going into a sudden comatose from Elliott's glorious poshness.

As of update 1.0.4, the Optional version should work with any custom cutscenes.


East Scarpdon't know if it adds cutscenes inside Elliott's home, but it should be fine.
RidgeSide Villagestill don't know if it adds cutscenes too, but it should also be fine.
Stardew Valley Expandedsurprisingly, yes.
Elliott Expansion Mods, should be alright. Use the Optional version if you have any issues.

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this author
The original mod layout!


1. Install Content Patcher and Extra Map Layers (EML for Android if you're on mobile!)
2. Download this mod
3. Extract the zip into your mods folder 
4. Viola!