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Do you like Clint? Do you find him interesting? Me neither, so I want to recreate his home to better reflect his personality!

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Clint's Less Ugly House

A very simple mod with a fairly short description.

I found our local Blacksmiths' house to be underwhelming especially in the bedroom. 
So I took it upon myself to whip out this quick edit to make his very interesting personality to reflect how he lives.
The way I see him, Clint is a hopeless romantic with a feeling that will never bloom.
Except remove the romantic, as he is just hopeless. 

NEW!! 1.0.4

  • Added Compatibility version - This is good for those who has a mod that touches the blacksmith interior. Custom cutscenes, custom npcs, etc. Use GMCM!

This has the most simplest coding that is known to man, so though I dread it I know there will be bugs and whatnot that I have overlooked. If you've spotted one, feel free to send a bug report AFTER reading below. Bug reports from those who has clearly not read the mod description will be ignored and/or deleted!


Very Important, Read me!

What this mod DOESN'T do:

1. Add a night time version

Yes, the window inside his house does give out holy sunlight 20 hours a day, even throughout the night.
I have the most basic of basic coding knowledge and this is a limitation I have little motivation to expand on. Though if you are someone with modding knowledge and is willing to help me, please contact me! I would be forever grateful <3

(But my question is, what are you even doing in his house beyond 4 pm?)

Learned how to do that, no more eternal sunlight :((

2. Edits the Heart events

I made this mod with the VANILLA heart events in mind. So in theory, it should work fine without any mods that expands Clint's story/adds more heart events for him/does anything drastic to the Blacksmith interior.

Now, in relation to that I am not sure how well this mod works with a big expansion.

It should work with those that doesn't do anything with the Blacksmithing area, but I'd imagine it doesn't fare well with those that does. An example of this is the npc "Lucikiel"
Because that mod was based on the vanilla interiors (I'd assume), there may be some clipping issues/issues with his heart events, though nothing game breaking. If that happens simply skip the cutscene and move on.
If you notice him clipping through items, just think of it as a demon quirk.

As of Update 1.0.4, just use the Compatibility version if you encounter any issues.

3. Make Clint more likeable

Sorry, I can't fix that. (I guess you can even say I did the opposite of that)


East Scarp, I think that should be fine. Don't quote me on that though.
RidgeSide Village, no clue if that adds a cutscene to the Blacksmith's, but it should also be fine.
Lucikiel (Or any other mod that adds something to the blacksmiths), they're fine. Use the Compatibility version.
Stardew Valley Expanded, we don't talk about that.

Seriously though, why would you get this mod alongside SVE? That mod already edits the interiors of various maps, so getting this would be redundant.
If you still stubbornly want for this to work with SVE, I will not be entertaining any questions or issues on that since I wouldn't even know where to start.

99.9% Incompatible with SVE!

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1. Install Content Patcher 
2. Download this mod
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4. Voila!