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Just a seasonal version of the vanilla Wizard

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Ok!  This is no longer being updated, it's rolled in to my Seasonal Magnus Rasmodeus 

Ok.  We all know that the vanilla wizard looks a bit... Sketchy when he's stoked.  But you know what else?  He clearly moves via magic because his knees bend backwards.  So that sent me down a road of trying to find a mod that I liked the wizard's outfit/knees/portrait on.  Aaaaand I would find one I liked one thing on... but then something else just didn't hit me right.  So I was just gonna fix his knees... As you can see that got more than a little out of control and now I've made a mod!

But yea!  Seasonal sprites and matching portraits.
I'm planning on getting to the point where I can use The romance one with this too?  but right now he's strickly vanilla.  Until then I'll just be working quietly at my pixeling and stuff.

Now... I can't take full credit for the portraits, My -VERY- awesome friend ArtInclined drew some line art for me that I based our wizard here around.  She's the best and can be found on like... twitch and a few other places by that name.  If you wanna poke your nose at her just sling me a message.

I've only done a little testing on the mod, just enough to see it works, I have no idea if it's compatible with anything that changes the wizard, I suspect it's not...

You know the drill by now, Unzip and put it in the mods folder ^_^