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Auto-eat the least selling value (energy/health per gold) consumable in inventory. Maintain food and/or drink buffs. Skip eating animation while eating fluently.

Permissions and credits
? Features:
       ? Automatically consume the least selling value (energy/health per gold) consumable in inventory after reaching certain threshold.
       ? Maintain food and/or drink buff. 
       ? Skip eating animation

? Requirement:
       ? SMAPI (^3.13.0)

? Configurable:
       ? Toggle Enabled: keyboard binding to toggle the mod on and off
       ? Health: amount of health to start auto-eat
       ? Stamina: amount of stamina to start auto-eat
       ? Toggle Maintain Buff: keyboard binding to toggle the maintain buff feature on and off
       ? Maintain Buff: maintain active buff of the most top-left food and/or drink (in backpack)
       ? Skip Eating Animation: well, as it says ?

? Recommended Mod:
      ? Generic Mod Config Menu

? Bug Report:
      ? Feel free to submit bug reports and suggestions ^^

? Credit:
      ? Permamiss for the mod inspiration

? Changelog:
  • [ new feature ] support custom i18n translations
  • [ new feature ] add option to automatically disable "maintain buff" feature on the next day (so you won't automatically eat buff foods after waking up)
  • [ bug fix ] external foods & drinks (from mods) get eaten constantly
  • [ bug fix ] skip eating animation's maintain buff, buff not working
  • [ bug fix ] stamina & health threshold lower than configured value
  • [ new feature ] Skip Eating Animation: skips the eating animation, so that low recovering food can be eaten more fluently
  • [ new feature ] Add keyboard shortcut to easily turn on and off features
  • [ new feature ] Enable both health and stamina threshold options
  • [ new feature ] Maintain buff: checks your backpack for the most top-left food and/or drink and maintain their buffs