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What it says on the box. This mod replaces Elliott's sprites and portrait.

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What it says on the box. This mod replaces Elliott's sprites and portrait. There is a version that gives him top scar on the beach sprite, and one without.

Follow the following steps to install it:

  • Install SMAPI
  • Download, unzip and add PyTK to your Mod folder
  • Download, unzip and add Content Patcher to your Mod folder
  • Download the mod version of your choice (top scars or no top scars), unzip it and add it to your Mod folder
  • You can now launch the game with the SMAPI executable and the mod should be working as attended

Note: If you're already using another content patcher portrait mod that changes other characters as well as Elliott's, there are two solutions to make this mod compatible:

1. This is going to be a bit more technical. Go into the content.json of the portrait mod you are using, and remove the lines that replace Elliott's sprites. Be careful to not add or remove extra brackets when removing those lines. If done properly, the SMAPI command prompt should not display any conflict errors. Make sure to check it when launching the game for the first time after you edit the files.

2. Use the Portraiture mod and follow the mod's instructions to switch between modded portraits in-game.

If you have any issue or found any bug related to the mod, do let me know in the comments and I will try to resolve it.