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Bregs Flooring is a complete retexture of all decor floors and paths.

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Bregs Flooring is a complete retexture of all decor floors and paths.

The goal is to enhance the floors to intensify the game experience.
The decor paths still stay close to the vanilla ones to preserve the beloved Stardew Valley feeling.

Compatible with SDV 1.3 beta



This is a combination of different other mods concerning the flooring.xnb file with my own modifications. Credits belong to the following authors included in this mod. Please check out their awesome work!

    Wood Floor: Vanilla
    Stone Floor: Maleha from here (town floor) with modifications (sharp edges)
    Weathered Floor: Vanilla with modifications (border single tile)
    Crystal Floor: Maleha from here (smaller tiles) with modifications (added boundaries)
    Straw Floor: Maleha from here (added straw on single sideway tiles)
    Gravel Path: NordKitten from here (bugfixing single pixels on floor area)
    Wood Path: combined pattern NordKitten from here (crossing woods) with modifications (recolored, shade fixes, pixel shift)
    Crystal Path: combined pattern Eemie from here (close, small and colored stones) with coloring Nintonen from here (vivid color)
    Cobblestone Path: Vanilla with modifications (recolored)
    Stepping Stone Path: Vanilla with modifications (recolored, reshaped, shade fixes)



configurable via config.json, automatically created after first startup

{...}Floor (true/false)
enables or disables the specific floor

enables or disables the specific path



  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install Content Patcher.
  3. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.



v1.2 (29.05.2018)
  • [new] update for SDV 1.3
  • [new] uses Content Patcher
  • [new] all floors and paths can be turned on or off

v1.1 (16.06.2017)
  • [fix] recolored Wood Path, Cobblestone Path, Stepping Stone Path
  • [fix] some shape and shade fixes

v1.0 (13.05.2017)
  • [new] initial release