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Ever wanted the game's secret statues to feel a little more magical? Look no further than this mod!

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This mod replaces the game's secret statues: ??Foroguemon??, ??HMTGF?? and ??Pinky Lemon?? and turns them into elemental-based magical girls. The magical girls' designs were inspired by the Sailor Scouts as well as Terraria NPCs such as the Dryad. It's been a while since I did any modding so I thought I'd jump back in with a simple replacement mod before doing anything more detailed!

  • ??Pinky Lemon?? is replaced by the red-haired girl.
  • ??Foroguemon?? is replaced by the blue-haired girl.
  • ??HMTGF?? is replaced by the green-haired girl.

How to use:
  • Install SMAPI and the latest version of Content Patcher.
  • Extract the folder into your Mods folder.
  • Enjoy these cute new statues :)