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A fully configurable reskin of the dust spirits in the frozen mines, includes normal and dangerous sprites with some variants.

Permissions and credits
Please do NOT redistribute/re-upload ANY of my mods to other websites, and
definitely not behind a paywall. This is not your work and you will be
infringing copyright and disrespecting my work if you do so. I do NOT
give permission to anyone to include my work in e.g. mod packs, not even
with credit. Always link back to my Nexus Mods page. I only upload my
mods on Nexus.

Just some bouncy beans. Very dusteh.


Extract to Mods folder.
To uninstall, remove from Mods folder.


See image gallery for previews.
Manually change variants in config.json (auto-generates after running the game with the mod installed).
Or Generic Mod Config Menu might help streamline the process.


Mines retek mod shown in images is from Naver by OnOff.

(Dust Spirits mod requested by UsoliaNaviento)