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Adding Goha Yuga from Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS into Stardew by replacing Krobus, with all unique dialogue, art, and sprites. 有中文翻译。

Permissions and credits

This mod adds Goha Yuga from Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS into your game, replacing Krobus.

It is customizable, but all new dialogue and art involving Krobus has been re-drawn and re-written. This includes Krobus' 14 heart event and other miscellaneous Krobus lines or sprites. This mod is supposed to be a complete overhaul of Krobus into Goha Yuga.

There should be an accompanying mod that replaces the Dwarf with Ohdo Yuga later, but that is still a WIP.

  • All new dialogue and interactions
  • Overhaul of Krobus' character into Goha Yuga, including likes/dislikes
  • A Swirly sprite for when he goes to the movies!
  • New art & spritework
  • Minor lore that connects him to Pelican Town
  • A custom spouse room
  • 中文翻译 (谢谢VitaminA和Listera)

A list of all his new favorite items has been included in the files as well.

You can turn a few things on or off. Currently these are:
  • Changing the overworld sprite
  • Changing the portrait (manually, through setup with Portraiture)
  • Changing his lines
  • Changing his spouse room
By default all of these are on.

If you just want the art but not Krobus' entire character rewritten, you can just change the sprite and portrait but not his lines. And vice versa applies too.

The spouse room option is provided as compatibility with other mods that may also modify the spouse room. Turn it off if you have another spouse room mod. It has been tested to work with interior recolors, like Dust Beauty's Rustic Country Town Interior. As long as it doesn't touch the spouse room file specifically, you should be fine.

Built for 1.5.6 of Stardew with SMAPI 3.13.14 & Content Patcher 1.25.0.
This is an unofficial fan mod and has no connection to the official show.

Currently, the event dialogue between the Dwarf and Krobus has been left untouched. This will be changed when we finish the accompanying Ohdo Yuga mod in the future, so unfortunately they are the only lines that are unchanged. Otherwise, we should have caught every one of his other lines (not counting the generic ones all "spouses" get).

Also, the random Shadow Person you meet at the beginning of Winter in Year 1 will change to Goha Yuga. Unfortunately, the game uses the same sprites for it as it does for Krobus, so there's no changing that.

Otherwise, please let us know if we missed something or there is a bug!

Coding: tiramisus/octomaidly
Dialogue Writing: octomaidly & pyrachan
Art & Testing: jmeldog
Chinese Translation: VitaminA & Listera