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A giant greenhouse for a ton of farming! (Now with CP version!)

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Out of the dozens of greenhouse mods I have seen, not a one was either big enough for my kind of farming, nor laid out in a way that made sense to me. So I made one for myself and decided to share it.


There's 37 5x5 plots of land for the 33 normal and 4 seasonal foraging crops. 9 3x3 plots for the 3 trellis crops. (This way, with sprinklers, all crops will have a yield of 24!) And 36 individual dirt patches for 6 each of the 6 fruit trees! Plus some space in the main room for your machines.

Content Patcher version is courtesy of foggywizard! Thank you very much! <3

 - As with basically all greenhouse mods, be sure to completely empty out your greenhouse before installing!
 - Goes into Content->Maps, replace the Greenhouse.xnb file that is already in there (be sure to back up the original if you're concerned about being able to revert back some time in the future)!

- Extract folder from the .zip straight into your mods folder. (REQUIRES CONTENT PATCHER AND SMAPI!)
- In the config you can specify either "Giant" or "XL". Default: Giant

Known Issues That I Do Not Care To Fix:
  - You can see some parts of rooms from other rooms.
  - The watering can will sometimes disappear during the animation if you use the southern water troughs. It will still be refilled properly, though.