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Custom NPC Outfits is a Stardew mod that allows players and creators to readily customize NPCs using the power of Content Patcher.

Permissions and credits
**Dynamic Character Portraits** is a plugin for Content Patcher that allows for the dynamic generation of outfits for NPCs.
Not only does this come pre-equipped with all sorts of outfits, hairstyles, and accessories, the system makes it straightforward to
add your own pieces as well.

## Features
* Dynamically generated outfits that change daily!
* Easily modifyable and expandable!
* Comes prepackaged with all sorts of its own assets!
* More characters and assets added regularly!

### Currently Supports:
* Native support for different weathers and seasons.
* Abigail
    * Thirteen Hairstyles
    * 154 Outfits
 * Marnie
    * Six hairstyles
    * 12 Outfits
### Next Patch:
* Adding Alex

### Future Plans:
* Add native support for swapping portrait sets
* Add all Vanilla characters, and hopefully popular modded ones
* Lots of outfits
* Improved JSON generation to streamline adding custom assets

If you'd like to add your own outfits, see the included Addon Guide.

Please note: Because it's been a year, my code's a mess, and I've made a lot of improvements on my workflow, I'm essentially starting from scratch on this.
I won't be adding more characters until I get the basic structure finalized, but once I do they should start coming pretty fast.

If you'd like a tutorial on my workflow for this process, please let me know! I'm happy to create one.

2023 UPDATE:
Gosh, it's been a real long time since I've worked on this at all. I've been terribly busy with school, but I graduate soon and hope to return to working on this after that. Expect an update sometime this summer as I relearn how to use Content Patcher and start creating sprites again :)