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This is a total dialogue rewrite of Elliott's character and replacing the sprite options. Currently, we have Sophia from Stardew Valley Expanded, a sprite by Poltergeister, and the former Isla by Aescrad. More to come!

I've included **dialogue only** for a vanilla Elliott/other mod compatibility!

Permissions and credits
Do you find Elliott to be "That Guy From Your MFA" and literally forget he's in the game for the most part? Are you tired of feeling like he has the most selfish arc, rather than growing into a full-fledged character who cares about others rather than just his hair?

Isla's original mod is not used, just Aescrad's visuals. If you use the trio mod of Isla, there will be more options for Elliot comings soon!

Then this is the mod for you!

  • Rewrites the entire story of Elliott from a struggling, I've-Never-Written-Anything to a moderately successful horror/mystery writer who often talks about their imagination and teases about hauntings.
  • Changes the sprite from Charles Dickens at Christmas to adorable Sophia ** from SVE - or - Isla by Aescrad!
  • Hints to a city background where she** was often taken advantage by people she thought were friends, and has a strong lonely streak, feeling like she can't trust anyone.
  • Rewrites all heart events to make more sense toward living in a smaller town but serving toward her goals rather than hair goals, if you know what I mean.
  • Having Elliott become part of the town instead of a beach bum.
  • ***DIALOGUE ONLY*** - Recently added. Should be SVE COMPATIBLE & SEASONAL OUTFIT COMPATIBLE. Let me know if it is not.

  • Sophia/Islas's Sprite does have Elliott as a female, but I did my best to make Elliott's dialogue gender neutral. Let me know if there are any mistakes.
  • I plan to add additional original sprites, that way if there are people who wish to keep Elliott male, or have SVE installed it's easy to drop it. I want it to also be SVE compatible.

  • I plan to rewrite other characters as well, so feel free to comment with thoughts please! 

To install, just have Content Patcher and SMAPI. Drop the folder in, and it should work for you! If not, please leave me messages so I can fix things for everyone! I use it and have had a lot of success.

I hope you enjoy it like I do!