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Perform certain actions while sitting down.

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Sit and...

  • talk,
  • give gifts,
  • watch TV,
  • use objects (telephone, arcade machines, sewing machine, farm computer, mini-jukebox, workbench),
  • order from the bar in the Saloon.

Interact using right-click while sitting. The player must not be facing away from the clicked object.

Talking, giving gifts and watching TV have customisable ranges for the distance from the player that NPCs/TVs can be interacted with.

The range for using objects is 1 tile (you need to be sitting next to the object). There are also further conditions for some objects detailed below.





Extract the folder into your Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.
Requires SMAPI.

Run the game once after installing this mod to create the config.json file.
The file currently has three values that can be changed relating to the range that certain actions can be performed. These are the default values:

  • "TalkRange": [ 3, 3 ]
  • "GiftRange": [ 1, 1 ]
  • "TellyRange": [ 4, 2 ]

The values need to be of the form [ number1, number2 ], where number1 and number2 are integers from 1 to 10.
These numbers describe respectively how many tiles in front of the player and how many tiles to the side of the player actions can be perfomed.

For example, if TellyRange is set to [ 1, 1 ], when a sitting player clicks on a TV the mod will check that the TV is within a rectangle that extends 1 tile in front of the player and 1 tile to each side of the player.

The interactions in the Saloon are hardcoded to specific tiles (a rectangle for the bar, and the two arcade machines) so things might not work as expected if you're using a mod that changes the layout of the Saloon.

Uses Harmony.
Please let me know if you find any bugs!