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This mod will allow you to specify a resolution that Stardew Valley will start up in, precisely, every single time. (There is a known bug with high DPI scaling in Windows currently, however.)

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Ever wanted Stardew Valley to start up in a specific windowed resolution? Well, this mod will do that for you.

The usage is fairly simple. There's a config file in the typical location, and you can specify whether the game should start using the resolution you enter in there or not. It also has GMCM support to make changing the config much simpler.

Note: There's a known bug with high-DPI scaling on Windows, where the specified resolutions are multiplied by the high DPI scaling percentage. E.g., 200% high DPI scale = a 2x multiplier to the resolutions you set. This may happen on other operating systems, but I don't know.

Do also note that attempting to set Stardew Valley's window size to below 1280x720 won't work, because the game hard caps it. There used a be a mod that removed the cap, but it's currently not working. I might get around to replicating it here at some point, but no promises!

1.0.0 — The mod exists!

Currently tested on Stardew Valley 1.5.6 with SMAPI 3.13.14 on Windows. I don't anticipate failures on macOS or Linux, but let me know if you have issues.

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