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Changes Leah's wedding sprite to incorporate traditional Polish wedding regalia, to either masculine or feminine versions, depending on player configuration.

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*UPDATE (Feb 14, 2022): This mod is now compatible with Diverse Stardew Valley! Check it out here. :)

UPDATE: V.1.1.3 is now compatible with Poltergeister's Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod.

This mod replaces Leah's original wedding outfit to incorporate two versions of traditional-modern Polish wedding regalia, either a dress or suit, depending on player configuration. Both are based on the traditional Podhalanian (Gorale) clothing style of the Polish highlands

Leah's Polish wedding dress includes:
-  A hand-painted percale skirt, with intricate floral detailing,
-  A white, hand-painted corset made of fabric,
-  A percale shirt with wide sleeves,
-  Her hair twisted up into braids, signifying maidenhood, and adorned with flowers,
-  A full veil, painted hair ribbons, or winter cloak, depending on the season. 

Leah's Polish wedding suit includes:
-  Portki (trousers) with parzenica embroidery and traditional belt (trzos, opaska),
Cucha (coat made of woollen broadcloth, also embroidered),
Koszula (shirt made of homespun flax cloth),
Kierpce (moccasins)
-  A felt hat or floral wreath, depending on the season

Leah is a super interesting character with a strong passion for art and a deep connection to the natural world. Thinking of how creative she is, and how she tries to incorporate nature into whatever she makes, I thought giving her a Gorale-Polish heritage was the right fit for her. The Gorale people are strongly connected to tradition and the natural world around them, and thoughtfully pour their love of nature, art, and heritage into everything they make. And being the modern-day woman she is, I think Leah would find unique and creative ways to incorporate her lineage into whatever she'd choose to wear on her wedding day. 

Gratulujemy! Życzymy Wam wszystkiego, co najlepsze!

Leah's wedding outfit is set to a dress by default. If you'd like Leah to wear a Polish wedding suit instead, please go into the config file and change the "Leah Wedding Outfit Masculine" setting from "false" to "true". (Please be sure to add in the quotation marks, as the mod won't recognize the change without them.)


UPDATE: V.1.1.3 is now compatible with Poltergeister's Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod. No action needed.

This mod will NOT work with other wedding outfit mods that include Leah. If you want this mod to be compatible with other sprite editing mods, you'll need to either delete Leah's wedding version in those mods or only have this one installed. Having two different mods that change Leah's wedding appearance will not work together and may cause the game to crash.*

**PLEASE DON"T DOWNLOAD THIS MOD FROM SITES OTHER THAN NEXUSMODS!** NexusMods is the only website I've uploaded this Mod to. If you see this mod on any other website(s), it has been uploaded by someone else without my permission. Please only upload this Mod from Nexus :) Thank you!