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Changes Abigail's wedding dress to incorporate traditional Spanish (Spain) and/or Welsh wedding customs. Now with seasonal variations!

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**UPDATE: V.1.1.3 [or higher] is now compatible with Poltergeister's Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod.

This mod replaces Abigail’s original wedding outfit to include traditional Spanish (Spain) wedding attire:
-       A black wedding dress (a symbol of a lifelong commitment to her spouse “until death do we part”)
-       A black Mantilla (Spanish lace wedding veil) - or variations of it, depending on the season. 

**V 1.1.3 [or higher] Allows players to incorporate Welsh traditional regalia into Abigail's Spanish wedding outfit (the Wizard's nationality/heritage), including:
Gwyn family tartan sash and sash pin (silver)
Purple/Maroon flowers in her hair and/or purple gem in her tiara

** Appearance of Welsh regalia will depend on player configuration. Please type "true" (with quotation marks) in the player config for Welsh-Spanish regalia to appear at Abigail's wedding. 

Abigail is a very passionate and energetic person, with a thirst for adventure and a courageous heart. She strives to be true to herself and
follow her dreams, and deeply cares about the people around her, even if they don’t always understand her or her different ways of thinking.

The Spanish are known for being passionate, energetic, and family-oriented people, and thinking of Abigail’s desire to be true to herself
while also connecting to her family in a meaningful way, I thought a Spanish heritage would suit her.
A Welsh background was also chosen as Abigail's bio-paternal heritage (a.k.a the Wizard) due to her interests in playing the flute (a traditional Celtic instrument), swords and armour, and fascination with the mysterious/magical elements of the world. The Gwyn family was chosen for Abigail (and the Wizard) because of the dark purples and maroons woven into their tartan pattern, and because the name also suited Abigail's character design ( "Gwyn" meaning "fair-skinned" in Welsh). 

Given that most modern wedding dresses are traditionally white instead of black, I think Abigail’s choice of a black dress (with or without a Welsh tartan sash) would represent her desire to reconcile all parts of herself with her biological heritage – including the traditional and the unconventional – in her new journey with your farmer.

***The choice, however, to include Welsh elements into Abigail's wedding outfit is left up to the player- is Abigail really Pierre's daughter? Or is she the Wizards? Does she know about her parentage when you marry, or will she find out later? Will she ever find out? The choice is up to you!***

Los mejores deseos en el día de su boda!

Llongyfarchiadau Ar Eich Priodas!


UPDATE: V.1.1.3 [or above] is now compatible with Poltergeister's Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod. No action needed.

This mod will NOT work with other wedding outfit mods that include Abigail. If you want this mod to be compatible with other sprite editing mods, you'll need to delete Abigail's wedding version or only have this one installed. or only have this one installed. Having two different mods that change Abigail's wedding appearance will not work together and may cause the game to crash.*

**THIS MOD IS NOW AVAILABLE ON CURSEFORGE AND MODDROP!** NexusMods, CurseForge, and ModDrop are the only websites I've uploaded this Mod to. If you see this mod on any other websites than the ones listed, it has been uploaded by someone else without my permission. Please only upload this Mod from Nexus, Curseforge, or ModDrop :) Thank you!