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About this mod

ACC overhauls virtually every NPC in the game, creating a wholly re-imagined Stardew Valley experience for those who enjoy anthropomorphic animal characters.

Permissions and credits
This mod is the spiritual successor to @Gaveliere's excellent, but no longer functional, Anthro Characters mod.
This mod continues where Gaveliere left off, deriving a far more
complete and functional mod from the foundation Gaveliere created thanks
to many contributions from the community over the course of many
months. This mod overhauls every NPC in the game (save for the creepy intro cowboy), creating a
wholly re-imagined Stardew Valley experience for those who enjoy
anthropomorphic animal characters.

Gaveliere has returned to continue his work on this mod. He and I are working on a very big update to the mod to add a bit more diversity and more options to the mod. If you've enjoyed the mod please consider buying Gav a coffee at:   https://ko-fi.com/gaveliere

Thanks to Rydel the mod has once again been updated to work with Longevity! To install first install Longevity, then Anthro Characters Continued, and finally the compatibility patch. (NOTE: Not compatible with the Female->Male Genderswaps yet)

We now have options for marriageable female to male genderswaps for ACC! You can find the links for them below.

The official Chucklefish forums thread for this mod can be found here.

This mod does not affect the player-character; for that I recommend LackeDragon's Furry/Anthro Player and FurColors mods.

The mod is now compatible with Siv's Marriage Mod. Download the appropriate patch file below and overwrite after installing ACC and SMM.

There are alternate versions of Alex, Emily, Demetrius, Evelyn and Robin
available in the Alternate Character Designs file for those who prefer

If using Content Patcher, download [CP] Anthro Characters Continued. (Is
not fully updated to the current version, but functional)

A 1.2 legacy version is available for those who choose not to update.

Installation Instructions:
Extract the contents of the attached file using 7zip or a similar
program and follow the instructions packaged within. Do not attempt to
install via the Stardew Valley Mod Manager; install this mod manually.

Female to Male Marriage Candidate Genderswaps:
We now have sprites and dialogue options for the eligible female to male gender-swapped characters!

Female to Male Genderswap Installation Instructions:
Just download the genderswap file of your choice under Miscellaneous Files, extract it with a .zip file extractor such as 7zip, then follow the instructions packaged within.

If you encounter any bugs, please report them after insuring you've followed all installation instructions correctly and have no mod conflicts.

A titanic, overwhelming thanks to Gaveliere for creating this mod, for creating the ACC genderswaps, and for rigorous testing.
Thanks to Krystedez an ColaWolf for additional characters.
Thanks to Bonabopn and Roskii for keeping the thread alive and helping
with bug fixing, troubleshooting and help with various files.
Thanks to HYODO and ninjakaami for providing additional sprite fixes.
Big thanks to ninjakaami for making a patch to make this mod compatible with Siv's Marriage Mod.
Many thanks to Mocha Mokat for helping to tweak
Cursors.xnb with several transparency fixes and adding new anthro
sprites for the Prairie King mini-game.
Thanks to Arrkhal for the flavor update to the clinic and the updated townInterior.xnb file.
Thanks to Rydel for noticing and helping fix a mistake with Emily's hands during her walk cycle, as well as portrait adjustments for Penny,
Haley and Emily. Much thanks to Rydel for also making a compatibility
patch for ACC & Longevity!
Thanks to luna_panshiel for their help with additional Longevity patch fixes~
Many thanks to Fyn for Content Pack and various support.
Big thanks to lxlhunter for updating ACC for 1.3!
Thanks to Sabs like "labs" for his work on the Content Patcher version.
Thanks to ColaWolf for additions and fixes to 1.3.
Thanks to MasterXYZ for more updates to Cursors.
Big thanks to BlueSkyes for his additions to 1.3 as well as updates of old files.
Thanks to Yogurl for the alternate Alex portraits.
Thanks goes to Lobst for help back in 1.1 in updating Shane for 1.1 and assisting with Clint's sprites, as well as Clothing Therapy sprites.
I'm sure I'm missing people; please let me know in the comments so I can add your name to the project~

If you come across any bugs, please report them after ensuring there is no mod conflict.