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Text-To-Speech Mod

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Pelican TTS

by Platonymous

Text-To-Speech Mod

Important: If you use a different language than english, make sure to also download GMCM and configure the voices using the menu. Where possible use voices that don't have a * (in game more of a weird star symbol) behind the name for best results. Most non-english languages don't have a lot of native voices.

Pelican TTS 1.12.3
More Voice-Options. Voices marked with * in GMCM are not ment for your current language but may still work.

Pelican TTS 1.12.0
Allows you to read whatever text is under the mouse or in a tooltip when pressing the screen reader key (default: N).
Still kind of a beta feature, may not work on all text.

Pelican TTS 1.8.9
Custom NPCs should now be detected more reliably. Should a custom npc be missing in the config file or menu, load a save that has them present and use the console command "tts_update". After restarting the game they should be added. 
(To get the config menu, download GMCM)
Alternatively you can manually add the npc via it's name to your config.json file with the other voices (after first launch), even adding npcs that aren't actually in the game yet/anymore won't cause any issues.

Source Code:

Reads Dialogues, Hud Messages, Letters & Books. (configurable)
You can configure the voices for each character, either within the config.json file or much better by using GMCM.
Supports all languages.
Some of them are google-translated, so the morning greeting might be way off, you can change it in the i18n files yourself or deactivate the greeting in the config.

Should run cross-platform.
Requires active online connection.

If you prefer incoherent mumbling (Animalese-like) to spoken Dialogues, change 
"MumbleDialogues" to true, in the config.

Video by ThatDenverGuy (Pelican TTS Standard (old version)):

(This video is of the eariest version of Pelican TTS and does not show the actual voices used in the current version.)

If you have any questions you can usually find me on the Stardew Valley Discord under the username Routine#8715

If you like my mods and want to support me, you can do so via Paypal or on Patreon.